Welcome to the Association for Applied & Clinical Sociology                

Applied sociology translates foundational sociology to non-academic audiences. Clinical sociology incorporates translational with design, implementation, and evaluation interventions meant to improve outcomes and solve challenges.

Applied sociologists play a crucial role in addressing real-world issues by utilizing sociological principles to analyze and solve problems in various societal contexts. They can work in diverse fields such as education, healthcare, criminal justice, and community development. In education, applied sociologists may study the impact of social factors on academic performance and propose strategies to enhance educational outcomes. In healthcare, they might explore the social determinants of health and recommend interventions to promote well-being. In criminal justice, applied sociologists may examine the root causes of crime and suggest policies for crime prevention and rehabilitation. Additionally, they contribute to community development by assessing social needs, facilitating communication among different groups, and designing programs that foster social cohesion. By bridging the gap between academic research and practical applications, applied sociologists make valuable contributions to creating positive social change.